Fieldsports Channel is a UK based media production agency, boasting one of the most successful hunting and shooting YouTube channels globally. We’ve been working together since 2018 helping with all manner of different marketing efforts. From design to digital strategy and board member packs we’re proud to have supported Fieldsports Channel in their continued role as Europe’s premier producer of field sports content on YouTube. In our most recent project, we were commissioned to produce a series of data reports from their global survey. This involved a large amount of data processing and visualisation using Google Data Studio. Fieldsports Channel was then able to use the visualised data to help provide insight to the industry as well as drive forwards their client sales with added marketing insight.


What our clients say

"The Matchbox team have helped us to really understand what our business model means for our clients and have helped us to completely renovate our marketing materials to match.”

Paul, 3C Wheelchair and Seating Services