Social Media Platforms are a great way to create a marketable community. This involves many different forms of marketing tactics, from paid advertising campaigns to organic growth. One thing that many business owners struggle with is the concept that Social Media Marketing almost fully revolves around content creation. Simply posting a status every day isn’t going to cut it!

Organic Growth

There are a whole bunch of nifty tricks that can be deployed in order to assure the organic growth of the profile. The reason why organic growth is so important is because it allows you capture an audience that you can market to over and over again for next to no cost. Think about it, how much does it cost for you to run a campaign that reaches 10,000 people? Well, if you have a community of 10,000 people on your Facebook profile, it can virtually be free!

Advertising Campaigns

Advertising Campaigns are a great way to get appealing visuals in front of a targetted audience. Much like PPC campaigns on search engines, Social Media Advertising Campaigns revolve around targeting the right audience and then customising an ideal user journey to lead the prospect to conversion. This involves utilising our creative talents with our technical skills to create an ideal campaign.


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The outputs from Matchbox have been consistently awesome and gone past my expectations. A really bright and professional bunch with a wide range of skills and experience in their arsenal. Communications have been really straightforward and they're very good at keeping me in the loop

Sam Hussain, Log my Care

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