PPC Campaigns are a really great way to produce results quickly, but if you don’t know what you’re doing those results may not be positive ones! The trick here is to channel your marketing budget to target the users that convert into customers and to optimise their journey to ensure that the click that you just paid for, isn’t wasted.

There’s a lot of thought and tactics that go into identifying and targeting the right traffic as well as getting them to convert into customers. You can target the right audience, but if you don’t present your brand, product or service in the right way; you’ll find that the audience will soon vanish, leaving behind an empty marketing budget.

We can create full PPC Campaigns, from designing the user experience all the way to attracting the highest converting audience.

PPC Landing Pages

Having a page which focuses on converting the visitor is really important. If made correctly, it boosts the Advert’s quality score, leading to a lower cost per click and greater prominence of the Ad.


What our clients say

We came to Matchbox as we wanted to increase sales of our key solid fuel lines during the autumn and winter period. They created a PPC campaign which was so effective, we doubled our sales within the first few months which we are delighted about.

Martin, Burnt Oak Developments

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